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Tenancy Deposit Scheme

Margaret Duffus Leasing currently lodge all deposits with SafeDeposits Scotland.

Information from Scottish Government website -

Safeguarding Tenancy Deposits

A tenancy deposit scheme is a scheme provided by an independent third party to protect deposits until they are due to be repaid. Three schemes are now operating:

  • Letting Protection Service Scotland
  • Safedeposits Scotland
  • My|deposits Scotland 
Landlord's legal duties

The legal duties on landlords who receive a tenancy deposit are:

  • to pay deposits to an approved tenancy deposit scheme
  • to provide the tenant with key information about the tenancy and deposit

 Key dates for landlords

The dates by which landlords must pay deposits to an approved scheme and provide information to the tenant vary, depending on when the deposit was received:

1. Deposit received prior to 7 March 2011:

Where the tenancy is renewed by express agreement or tacit relocation on or after 2 October 2012 and before 2 April 2013 (Regulation 47(a))

Within 30 working days of renewal

In any other case (Regulation 47(b))

By 15 May 2013

2. Deposit received on or after 7 March 2011 and before 2 July 2012 (Regulation 48)

By 13 November 2012

3. Deposit received on or after 2 July 2012 and before 2 October 2012 (Regulation 4)

By 13 November 2012

4. Deposit received on or after 2 October 2012 (Regulation 3)

Within 30 working days of the beginning of the tenancy

Information about the schemes

Further details about the individual schemes and how landlords will be able to use their services are available on the individual scheme web sites below. Email addresses and telephone numbers are also included:

All three schemes have a range of information available for both landlords (and their agents) as well as tenants and these includei how landlords can join the schemes, how to submit deposits, how to ask for repayment of deposits and how the dispute resolution service will work.

Letting Protection Service Scotland

The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
BS99 6BN
Email contact:
All other enquiries can be made through the online forms that are contained within the LPSS website FAQs

Telephone: 0844 472 6666

SafeDeposits Scotland

Lower Ground
250 West George Street
G2 4QY
Email contact:
Telephone: 0141 559 5010

My|deposits Scotland

Kingmaker House
Station Road
New Barnet
Email contact:
Telephone: 0845 634 5400


More information about tenancy deposit schemes and what they mean for tenants, landlords and letting agents is available in the frequently asked questions below:

If you have any further queries about tenancy deposits contact the Scottish Government on 0131 244 0683 or email

Lower Ground

250 West George Street


G2 4QY

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