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Lease Termination

  • When you know you wish to terminate your Lease you will have to give notice, normally one month in advance or as indicated in your particular agreement.  Notice has to be given in writing and should be sent by recorded delivery and acknowledged in writing.   

  • You will be required to hand back the property in clean condition, no later than 5pm on the final day of your lease.  You will be responsible for ensuring that all keys handed over at the start of the lease are returned.

  • An inventory recheck will be arranged as soon as possible after you have vacated and any damages will be assessed and deducted from the deposit if appropriate.  The cost of the inventory recheck will be split equally between landlord and tenant.

  • You must inform us of the current utility suppliers.  Meter readings will be noted on the inventory recheck and Margaret Duffus Leasing will arrange final bills to be sent to you. You will be required to leave a forwarding address.

  • Margaret Duffus Leasing will contact the council tax office about the change of occupancy.

  • You will be responsible for cancelling any phone line, broadband or satellite service in your name.

  • Where it is necessary to have contractors in following the inventory recheck to carry out further cleaning or repairs at your expense the deposit cannot be returned until all invoices have been submitted.  You are not entitled to go back to the property to carry out any work yourself or use your own contractor.

  • Cancel your standing order for the rental payments with your bank.

  • Finally you will have to arrange for redirection of your mail.

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