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Family run leasing business - in and around Aberdeen.

This web site provides details of properties available for rent and details of all the Margaret Duffus Leasing Services.


Looking for a Property?  Use the PROPERTY SEARCH on the left hand side of the page. Select your search criteria or just press SEARCH to see all properties we currently have available.

Existing or prospective Landlord? Find details of our services along with useful landlord information and updates from the LANDLORDS section. MDL landlord registration numbers and Non Resident Landlord Agent numbers are also available in this section.

Existing or prospective Tenant? Find general advice and information for Tenants along with details of what to expect when leasing with Margaret Duffus Leasing under TENANTS.

Want to contact us? Then you can find all relevant personnel details in the CONTACT US section.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about any information you wish about our properties or other services provided by Margaret Duffus Leasing.

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